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We are a NJ based Savannah Cat breeder working with f1 savannah cats for sale as well as f2 savannah cat for sale and f3 savannah kittens for sale to approved homes across the USA.

Welcome to Exotic Treasures Savannah Cats.  We are a Savannah Cat Breeder from NJ and we ship our gorgeous exotic savannah kittens for sale to approved family homes throughout the usa.  We pride ourselves in raising the most exotic looking savannah kittens for sale in the world.  With a biologist on site, we are proud to work with some of the top Savannah Cat Breed genetics in the world, breeding for type & temperament with a focus on vivid color and exotic savannah cat look in all of our Savannah Cat Generations.  Bring the jungle to your home with one of our amazing savannah cats for sale.  Our savannah kittens for sale are raised in home, under foot, around 4 amazing kids, 3 large dogs and are socialized spoiled to ensure confident, fun, playful and loving personalities.  It is our goal to be the savannah cat breeder you are looking for and to offer top quality savannah kittens for sale to approved homes across the USA.

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Learn about the Savannah Cat Breed Generations by visiting the F-Generations sections of our website.  Savannah kittens are available in F1 savannah cat, f2 savannah kittens for sale, f3 savannah cat for sale, and f4 savannah kittens for sale.  We do not work with generations below f4 savannah cats.

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Exotic Savannah Kittens is a savannah cat breeder that is focused on breeding savannah cats that exemplify the savannah cat breed type, and temperament.  We breed for vivid color, wild look but raise our kittens under foot in order to properly socialize them to becoming the wonderful family pet that a well bred and raised savannah kitten can and should become.

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