About Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens for sale

The Savannah is an active, confident cat who enjoys interacting with people and other cats. Intelligent and curious, a savannah kitten is always looking for something interesting to do, the more adventurous the better. Provide him with plenty of tough, sturdy toys and frequent playtimes and you will have one happy family friend.  The origin of the savannah cat breed started with an african serval being bred to a combination of quite a few breeds including the bengal, oriental shorthair, american shorthair, and egyptian mau to name a few.  Each generation from the 1st down to the 7th carries less African Serval blood then the generation before them.  We specialize in f2 savannah kittens because they are not only extremely wild and exotic in look, but are also fantastic pets and family members! While an f1 savannah kitten for sale may be a tad larger it also comes with a bit less domesticated temperament that could be a bit too much for some to handle.  The f2 savannah cat on the other hand is perfect in every way. Our f2 savannah cats for sale often look more exotic or wild then other savannah cat breedersf1 savannah cat generations and are just about half the price of an f1 savannah kitten for sale.

Savannah cats bond strongly to their family and makes every effort to be with them, including learning to walk on leash or retrieve toys. They will shower you with love (head butts like a real wild cat!) and provide you plenty of entertainment.  This is a jolly, entertaining cat who does best with a companion or family who will enjoy playing and interacting with them. When raised with them, savannah kittens will get along well with kids, other cats and cat friendly K-9s.  The savannah cat has a short coat that is easy to groom with weekly brushing or combing and those who have cat allergies seem to have no reaction to the Savannah Cat.  Be sure to study the savannah cat generations so that you pick the perfect savannah kitten for sale for your family.  We specialize in f2 savannah kittens for sale as we feel as if they offer the best of both worlds with wild exotic look, vivid colors and amazing loving temperaments.