HPF1 Savannah Cat

What is HPF1 Savannah cat

HPF1 Savannah

What is Hp (high percentage).?  Most f1 are created using f3-f7 savannah females bred to a serval, and in some cases just a regular domestic cat bred to a serval. All still f1, but the outcome will have different looks based on what the mom is. A HPf1 is created by a f1 savannah female bred to a serval. Making their babies pretty much a serval with some domestic blood.
there’s a huge difference when you get an f1 from an sbt Savannah x serval , vs an f1 x serval.
Many will argue that there’s no such thing as hpf1 and that it’s just a sales gimmick to charge more for the cat because there’s no way to test the Serval percentage in a cat. People that make those arguments are uneducated. Making those claims are basically saying there’s no difference between an f1 vs an f6, because there’s “no way to test serval blood percentage”. Any one with eyes can physically see the size and over all look is massively different. So when comparing an f1 to f6 wouldn’t you expect their offspring to follow suit?
There’s a massive difference between the 2. So when using drastic differences in one parent will 100% make a difference in the outcome of the offspring.
Here’s more proof.

Both of these cats (f1 Tahfiti and hpf1 Zyah)were produced by me. They share the same serval father. F1 tahfiti’s mom is f6, hpf1 zyah’s mom is f1. See the massive difference in size and overall features. You can’t look at these pictures and tell me they are the same.
The same difference that you see between an F1 and an F2 you will see that same gap with an F1 and Hpf1.

While there is no way to tell how much serval blood is in a cat you can tell by the physical features of the offspring depending on what female you put with the serval.
While, the Hpf1 are eye candy. They can often be described as living home decor.  Meaning, sometimes they just want to be looked at but not held or interacted with. They can have extreme personalities.  They are over-the-top lovingly and will give kisses and hug you and aggressively head butt you with everything they have but they can also flip on a dime if you upset them. Where a regular F1 tends to be more mild mannered and does not get bothered by the things that would bother an hpf1.

High Percentage F1 Savannah Cat

Again the hpf1 are mostly serval so they will exhibit more wild behavior.  Many people love that about owning a Savannah. They like the spunky behavior. If you’d rather have a more layed back big cat, the regular F1 is for you.

F1 Savannah Kittens for sale

F1 Savannah kitten for sale

So the smaller male on a big female generally doesn’t work out.
There are many different looking f1. The reason is the mother.
Most servals have a similar look but the Savannah females come in all different looks and sizes. The quality of the mom makes for a great looking f1 or a mediocre one.

Making the perfect F1 Savannah for sale

For instance some breeders are known to use a basic barn cat and pair with their serval. That will give you 50% f1 because the dad is 100 serval and mom has zero Savannah in her. Some of those f1 CAN be nice but most of them have a very domestic look in their face and generally have smaller ears.  I only use pure bred Savannah cats with my serval to ensure I’m producing Savannah kittens for sale that resemble more of the serval than an over grown tabby cat.

F1 Savannah kitten for sale

Savannah Cat f1

Like most other exotic breeds, there is variance within the F Generation.  F1 Savannah Kitten for sale can vary so much depending on the breeder.  What percentage Serval they are is the main key difference.  After that we look at the quality of the females used, and their % Serval.

Savannah Cat F1

F1 Savannah kitten for sale

F1 Savannah Cat for sale

The F1 will generally have bigger ears, brighter ocelli, which is the white mark behind the ears, their face has a more exotic wild look, and spots usually more defined. As far as size goes, they are like a medium size dog. Average weight is 18-30 lbs. Savannahs are built more like a greyhound dog. They are tall, long and lean. They have the size but often not the weight. So they might look like a 30-40 lb cat but only weigh 19lbs.

F1 Savannah Cat Personality

The f1 is more dog like. They are such puppies. Care free, fun loving and super playful.
They are highly intelligent. They can open doors, turn on water, unzip zippers, and so much more. When they look into your eyes it’s like they can read your mind. There’s a connection with them like no other.  I would say my first choice would always be the F1 Savannah cat for sale.
There’s a lot of conflicting information on the f1 and that’s because each Savannah is different and the way the breeder raises their kittens makes a massive difference on the personality of the kittens.

Savannah Cat F1

F1 Savannah for sale

F1 Savannah Kittens

F1 Savannah cat for sale

All of my F1 Savannah for sale are raised in my home with my 4 children, my husband and myself. Between the 6 of us, all our kittens get loved on probably more than they want lol. My f1s leave super sweet and socialized because of the time and love we give them. As a f1 and f2 breeder, you HAVE to be hands on from the start.
Other wise instincts take over and if they don’t know you, they won’t trust you. A good breeder puts a lot of time into their kittens so they transition well into their new homes.  Our main website which are in the process of upgrading also has great information regarding the Savannah Cat.  Trust that if you are ready to find the perfect F1 Savannah for sale, look no further as our program is second to none.