Do Savannah Cats use a litter box?

Yes, Savannah cats use a litter box! Savannah cats have good hygiene and learn litter box habits from their mother.  All kittens should be 100% litter box trained prior to their new home. Keep in mind that kittens are babies and if given a big space with lots of freedom they could have accidents. They can get so caught up in playing and forget that they need to go until its too late. 

Does a Savannah cat use the litter box

​Litter box Savannah Cat

So in the beginning frequently take them to their litter box and tell them to go potty. They will learn real quick where the box is.  Start them in a small room or bathroom so they can get used to their new space and then give them more freedom once you feel they are comfortable with their space. If a kitten has litter box problems there is probably a reason, like a bladder infection or sick.

If the kitten starts to use the bathroom outside the litter box , then kitten needs to stay in their quarantine room longer. Larger space too quickly can be a reason they forget to use the litter box.

I always avoid a quarantine room with a human bed in it as the comforter is often fluffy and feels similar to the lumps of the litter and will sometimes go on the bed. I also avoid buying kittens big fluffy beds for the exact same reason.  So when considering a Savannah cat for sale, whether it be an F1 Savannah cat or an F4 Savannah for sale, yes they will use the litter box.