Do Savannah cats play well and get along with other pets?

Do Savannah Cats play well with other pets?

Yes, Most do. I say “most” because bringing a savannah or any animal into a home where other animals currently reside, can be scary and make them act standoffish at first .  But the majority get over it real fast and become best friends in no time. Especially kittens  They are so moldable and settle in very quickly, at least my kittens do.

Do Savannah Cats get along with other pets?

Savannah cats for sale NEED play mates! So having a dog or another savannah is a must.  Domestic cats work ok but usually can’t keep up with the savannah and get annoyed with them cuz they want to be lazy , where the Savannah is always curious and wanting to explore and play .  I have friends with Savannahs that also own horses, bunnies, chickens, birds and more and the savannahs love having other animals to play with them.